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Bogans Carrying Bulls Grudge

Funny how things work out. With Anthony Morrow out, Keith Bogans may start Monday vs. the Bulls, The 6'5" guard started 98 straight games for the Bulls last season --82 in regular season, 16 in the playoffs-- then was unceremoniously dumped just before the season started. Instead, they signed Richard Hamilton, who ironically enough is out tonight.

Will Bogans hold a grudge? Does he see his treatment at the hands of the Bulls as motivation? "Every time I play them for the rest of my career," Bogans told Fred Kerber at shootaround. By waiting till the last minute to waive him, Bogans said the Bulls made it hard for him to find work. "It was surprising, when I walked in the gym they told me I wasn't practicing, after they had seen me there all week," Bogans added.