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Nets Injury Report About the Same

Saturday marks the sixth week since Brook Lopez had his foot surgery. Back then, doctors thought his recovery could take six to eight weeks. It's looking a lot closer to eight --or maybe more-- weeks now. Meanwhile, MarShon Brooks was seen sporting the latest in Nets fashion statements Friday--an orthopedic boot. He might get some action, but playing time next week. Mehmet Okur is still working on his bad back and isn't likely the next few games.

Lopez skipped rope, ran and did some jumping Thursday and said everything was positive as he continues to rehab from his broken foot. "We’re going to start working on some lateral movement, like slides, sometime soon," he told Nets beat reporters.

But when he gave Tim Walsh a pocket schedule and asked the trainer to pick a date when he might be able to play, Walsh folded it up and put it his pocket. On Brooks possible return, Avery Johnson said, “We’ll try to get him out on the court, let him walk around, shoot a few shots the middle of next week, and then we’ll see where he is.”