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Kerber: Nets "Heavy Favorites" in Pursuit of Dwight Howard

The Dwight Drumbeat continues. Fred Kerber writes that the Nets are the "heavy favorites" to wind up with Dwight Howard, quoting people "claiming knowledge of some of Howard's thinking." The Lakers, Kerber adds, are not that big of a threat. However, adds, expect no movement till after the All-Star break.

"Several persons claiming knowledge of some of Howard’s thinking insist he does not look that favorably upon the Lakers because of the mega-shadow cast by Shaquille O’Neal, who left Orlando and won three titles in Los Angeles," Kerber writes. "Howard could do without following those footsteps. That makes the Nets the heavy favorites among his preferred teams."

Following up on Larry Coon's story, Kerber adds, "Howard and his camp reportedly have warned teams about going the rental route, thinking they could deal for him, then convince him to stay. 'To bring in a player of that magnitude without assurances he’d be staying would be professional suicide,' one team executive said flatly."