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Magic Trying to Get Monta Ellis to Keep Dwight Howard

Earlier on Wednesday, Chris Broussard said that the Warriors would be willing to swap Monta Ellis for Brook Lopez, either in a three-team trade that sent Dwight Howard to New Jersey or straight up after the Nets signed Howard as a free agent. The Nets interest in a Lopez-Ellis swap was then denied in a Woj tweet.

Now, Broussard reports that the Magic are trying to acquire Ellis to play with Howard, but that Golden State might not be interested.

Golden State is willing to listen to the Magic about a potential trade for its shooting guard, but there is little on Orlando's roster that appeals to the Warriors, according to sources.

Thus, the sides are not close to having the parameters of a deal in place. Instead, Orlando will begin looking for other clubs to get involved in a three-or four-team deal that would satisfy the Warriors and bring Ellis to Orlando.

Further, Sam Amick tweets that Warriors owner Joe Lacob wouldn't want to help the Magic keep Howard, who Lacob dreams of acquiring himself.