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Are The Lakers Out of D12 Stakes? Would Lack of Extension End It?

Here's something we missed celebrating the Nets win over the Mavericks Tuesday night, a report by Lakers play-by-play announcer and local sports reporter that Dwight Howard's agent told the Lakers over All-Star Weekend that Howard won't sign an extension with Los Angeles if the Magic trade him out west. Here's what John Ireland told Colin Cowherd.

"What i have been told is that Dwight Howard's agent, Dan Fegan, has told the Lakers that he and his client will not sign an extension. So if the Lakers trade him, they're getting him for six weeks. They would have six weeks to convince him to stay for a long term deal. Now that's an incredible risk to take and as you know, the owner of the Lakers is a poker player. but I think it's too big of a risk."

Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, Dr. Buss. Ireland, of course, famously predicted a Howard trade to the Nets back in December, but he's not alone on Howard's feelings. Larry Coon and Fred Kerber have both been given strong hints in the past that Howard doesn't want the Lakers...and this scenario has always been the Nets' favored one: no competition for the big guy.