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Trade Winds Gust As March 1 Nears

On Thursday, some 130 players who previously couldn't be dealt will be available for trades. The 130 are free agents signed earlier this season. As can be expected, trade winds are gusting and may reach sustained hurricane force in the next few days.

Peter Vecsey, playing meteorologist, stuck his finger in the wind Tuesday and now, some of what he said is starting to take shape, if in different form. According to a tweet by Darren Wolfson, a TV sports writer in Minneapolis, the Timberwolves have inquired about Anthony Morrow, but the Nets "are telling teams they're keeping him. Am curious if that changes." The presumption is that the T-Wolves are offering Michael Beasley and his $6.2 million expiring contract in return.

Meanwhile, reports out of the Bay Area have the Warriors willing to take a chance on Dwight Howard, perhaps offering Monta Ellis, Klay Thompson and Andris Biedrins for the superstar center ...with no guarantee he stays. One GM previously described that kind of move as "professional suicide" and Chris Mannix tweeted Wednesday that Howard would not give the Warriors any guarantees, adding, "Everything I'm hearing is Howard's preferred destination is NJ. Chance to be the alpha male, in Brooklyn, playing with D-Will is enticing." Meanwhile, the Nets win over the Mavs didn't silence Dallas speculation.