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King Doesn't Fear Losing D-Will... Whose Younger Brother Plans On Coming to New Jersey

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Billy KIng spoke Tuesday to Michael Kay on his ESPN Radio show. (Perhaps the YES interview will take place when he does a deal for Dwight Howard?) In the interview, King talked glowingly about Deron Williams, Howard and Kris Humphries and got in some trash talk about Kim Kardashian too.

King said he's not worried about D-Will leaving, and expects him to be in a Brooklyn Nets uniform next season. Williams' younger brother expects so too, telling a Dallas reporter that he will attend prep school in New Jersey next year.

King did admit, however, the threat from Mark Cuban is real. "It's not a fear, it's a reality. ...I don't think it's any secret. But I'm not fearful." When asked if he's made an offer to Orlando for Howard, he wouldn't comment. "I'd rather not answer that question," he replied.

He didn't step back on Kris Humphries getting booed. "[What's] bothered me with all the booing is he's a great guy. That sham of a show portrayed him as something he isn't." Uh-oh, Billy. Prepare for time on TMZ.King said he would talk later Tuesday with the Nets beat writers.