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Vecsey: Nets, Magic, Warriors Talk; Also Nets "Lean" Toward Beasley

Oh that Peter Vecsey! Near the end of a column on various trade possibilities that will raise their ugly heads, he inserted this beauty:

There are renewed rumblings about the Warriors possibly getting Brook Lopez from the Nets in a multi-team deal involving Dwight Howard. That would cost them big time, though; Monta Ellis would be part of the Magic’s compensation.

And this, too:

Minnesota is pushing hard to relocate [Michael Beasley's] $6.2 million expiring contract and have the Nets and Celtics leaning.

Nothing more than that on either. Of course, Chris Mannix wrote last week, that Billy King is already trying to construct some three or four team deals to get Dwight Howard. Now, Vecsey's saying that too. Vecsey also reports on various Laker deals, essentially dissing a D12 move to L.A.