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Dave D Does Math On D12, D-Will

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In his second half preview, Dave Dalessandro does some math on the Nets pursuit of Dwight Howard (and thus, the retention of Deron Williams). He likes the Nets chances, at least as of now.

Assuming the Magic don't trade Howard at the deadline and things remain pretty much as is in Dallas, Dalessandro provides two scenarios for Howard. In scenario #1, he writes, "Mavericks' best-case scenario includes a $25 million bankroll, which means they can give Howard and Deron Williams a starting salary of only $12.5M each. The Nets will start in the $18M-19M range."

And in scenario #2, there's this: "The Mavs will amnesty Brendan Haywood and find a taker for Shawn Marion, which leaves them with two stars, a 34-year-old Dirk Nowitzki and nine minimum-wage guys. The Nets will have Howard, D-Will, Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, Marshon Brooks, and a pair of No. 1s."

"Which shelf life would they find more appealing?" Dave D asks referring to Howard and Williams.