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Andre Emmett's 10-Day Challenge

The Nets have bought into the D-League. At the league's All-Star Game Saturday, there were three players who had already worn the Nets uniform: training camp invites JamesOn Curry and Jerry Smith and 10-day hopeful Andre Emmett. A fourth who was about to be called up --and flown-- to New Jersey: Gerald Green. Two others, Dennis Horner and Larry Owens, did make the All-Stars but had played for the Nets.

Hunter Atkins of the Times profiles Emmett's 10 days with the Nets, the thrill of being called up after seven years out of the league and his up-and-down trial with the team, one that ended Sunday when he was told he wouldn't be getting a second 10-day contract and was headed back to Reno with a box of momentos.