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Amick: The Nets Are "Far and Away" D12's Top Choice


Sam Amick writes Monday that while everyone waits to see what the Magic front office will do between now and March 15, for Dwight Howard, "nothing has changed about his outlook" and while the Nets, Lakers and Jazz (!) are on his list, "New Jersey is far and away the leader".

Amick repeats the oft-told tale that Kobe Bryant told Howard he'd be the "second or third option" on the Lakers and adds that it's not just the lure of playing with Deron Williams that has him excited.

"He wants to take his brand global, to leverage the international influence of Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov while building his brand as Brooklyn's first star," writes Amick.

"His wandering eye is enticed not only by the Barclays Center that is set to open next season, but the businesses in the booming area around it that could afford many off-court opportunities."

And if you're looking for any other proof, check out Howard telling a blogger what his favorite movie is: "Just Wright", the Queen Latifah vehicle that featured the Nets (and Howard playing himself).