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Nets To Sign Gerald Green Monday

On Draft Night 2005, there was a debate about who the Nets should take at #15. Some in the war room that night wanted the Nets to take 18-year-old Gerald Green. Instead the debate came down to Antoine Wright and Joey Graham. The Nets ultimately took Wright.

The Nets will finally take their chance on Green. Multiple sources, including Green's agent, are reporting New Jersey will sign Green Monday, two days after a staggering display of athleticism won him the MVP award at the D-League All-Star Game. The 6'8" small forward, who turned 26 last month, played this season with the L.A. Defenders, having previously played for the Celtics, Timberwolves, Rockets, Mavericks and Lakers, as well as teams in Russia, China and the D-League.

Although a great athlete (and winner of the 2007 NBA Slam Dunk Contest), Green has often had problems with coaches ... and channeling his athletic talents into basketball skills. In an interview this weekend with, Green admitted as much. "I was young, out of high school, immature … things didn't click as fast as things click to me now," Green said. "I'm a lot smarter. I'm a lot more humble than I was. I don't take things for granted anymore."

Alex Raskin reports the Nets recently had a tryout for small forward candidates after Andre Emmett's 10-day contract ran out.