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Humphries Pushes Past the Boos

While the Nets continue to pursue Dwight Howard for Brooklyn, two of the team's current big men are on the record about wanting to play in Barclays Center. Brook Lopez said it last week. Kris Humphries is saying it this week.

For Hump, it's quite the statement.

After all, New York is the Big Apple where gossip is second only to real estate as a topic of conversation. And it's where Humphries received his first and harshest reception following his whirlwind 72-day marriage to, and divorce from, Kim Kardashian. Walt Frazier described the booing at Madison Square Garden as "vociferous". It then followed him out on the road.

Stefan Bondy examines the psychology of the hate Humphries engenders among a certain class but also talks about how all the attention has changed him, apparently for the better. As his coach says, "He’s a whole lot mentally tougher than what I thought. I thought he was mentally strong, but what he’s gone through this year, he’s even mentally stronger and mentally tougher."