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Nets at Mid-Season: Three Writers With Different Perspectives on 10-25

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Three Nets writers take three different tacks in looking back at the first half of the season.

One grades each player; one lists the high's and low's; and one simply looks at how Deron Williams is putting together what has to be seen as one of the best seasons in recent franchise history.

Mike Mazzeo tries the grading system, but with injuries and other issues, he admits it's not easy. He gives his top marks to Deron Williams and Kris Humphries (B+) and Marshon Brooks (B) and his lowest grade among rotation players to DeShawn Stevenson (D).

Colin Stephenson looks at the best and worst moments and puts recent victories over the Knicks and Bulls at the top and the back-to-back losses to Detroit at the bottom. He also puts the chances of Nets getting Dwight Howard at 50-50. Fred Kerber simply offers a paean to Deron Williams. He quotes none other than Steve Nash as saying, "He’s, if not the best, then one of the top two or three point guards in the league. He can do pretty much everything."