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D-Will, Morrow Fall Behind In Skills

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Deron Williams missed four 15-footers in the final round of the NBA Skills Competition which killed his chances of winning a second championship, but he got farther than Anthony Morrow in the Three Point Shootout. Morrow finished last in a field of six with only 14 made three's.

Tony Parker won the skills competition and Kevin Love won the shootout. Afterwards, D-Will told Andy Vasquez, "I'm a little upset right now. It's a 15 foot jumper, I can hit that all day. ... It only takes one thing." As planned, Morrow wore Drazen Petrovic's #3 to honor the Nets Hall of Famer. "Came up a little short, but thankful for the opportunity!!" Morrow tweeted. "I’m competitive so I’m a little upset but overall had fun honoring Drazen!!"