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Armor Players Do Well In East Loss

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

JamesOn Curry and Jerry Smith combined for 38 points, shooting 16-for-27, and 14 assists but the D-League East All-Stars lost in the last second when Moses Ehambe of Iowa barely missed a desperation three point attempt from near half court to tie the game.Curry led the East with 25 points and eight assists.

The game was close because of Curry's clutch second half shooting and two steals by Jeff Foote in the last 10 seconds. The problem was that after the second, Foote called a timeout the East didn't have. That led to a technical foul which MVP Gerald Green converted. Foote, the tallest player on the court, finished with four points and seven rebounds. Andre Emmett, who just completed a 10-day contract with the Nets, finished with 15.

At halftime, L.D. Williams of the Armor won his second straight Slam Dunk contest and after the game, Smith won the shooting contest.