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Ratner: One Entrance at Barclays Crucial To Building Nets Community

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

In his latest interview on Barclays Center, Bruce Ratner tells the Wall Street Journal's Ray Hoffman that he wanted the main entrance at the the arena to be just that, the main entrance, to enhance a feeling of community among Nets fans.

"Part of the thing I noticed about sports is that people like to feel that they're part of a community, that they're with people," Ratner told Hoffman."So building an arena with one major entrance --all coming in together-- was very important." The arena will also have a VIP Entrance on the Atlantic Avenue side of the building.

Ratner who likened his plan for Atlantic Yards to Rockefeller Center and Lincoln Center, also said the arena's first three weeks, from the Jay-Z concert to the Nets first preseason game, "are going to be remarkable in the talent that we are going to have at that arena."