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YouTube Hits, But Not Many Votes

For those who regularly follow this site, the video of Mikhail Prokhorov rapping on Russian TV was old news. We posted it two weeks ago. Now AP reports, it's gone viral. "On Thursday, a YouTube video of his performance was widely circulated on Twitter by rap fans, sports writers and young Russians charmed by somber-faced Prokhorov’s rare moment of silliness."

"Somber"? "Rare moment of silliness"? Prokhorov? This is the guy who at his first press conference told WNBC's Bruce Beck that he'd reveal his plan for the Nets, "but then, I would have kill you". He also deadpanned "Please, tell America, I come in peace" when Richard Roth, CNN's UN correspondent, asked if the Nets owner was part of a Russian plot to take over western sports teams.

While rap fans may have loved Prokhorov's shoutout to Jay-Z and his claim that he is "real Russian Eminem", Russian voters are less impressed. In latest polls, Prokhorov is projected to receive only six percent of the vote in the March 4 presidential elections. Meanwhile, The New Yorker offers the latest profile of Prokhorov. He's quoted as posting this on Facebook, "How will I become president without a first lady? Let me tell you a secret: I had my first lady when I was seventeen."