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Howard: Magic a "Big Possibility"

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The question is what does Dwight Howard want? That's always been the question. He has given the Nets enough hope that they basically tanked free agency to make sure they have enough assets at the trade deadline to pull him north. The Magic, on the other hand, have long held out hope he'd stay.

A lot of those emotions were on full display Friday as reporters spoke with the 6'11" superstar in his hometown, home of the All-Star Game. The biggest news was that he said it's possible he'll stay with the Magic (although his trade request still stands). "It's a big possibility. It's a big possibility." The comments mimic what Carmelo Anthony said a year ago.

Otis Smith said that the Magic are indeed hopeful and put chances at 50-50. "I think he wants to be here. I think he likes being here," Smith said. Deron Williams kept his mouth shut, offering only one word answers and steering clear of controversy.