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King Already Working on D12 Deal?

Chris Mannix offers a balanced assessment of the Magic's alternatives over the next two weeks and believes that Dwight Howard will be dealt. In fact, he writes that Billy King is already out there, texting, phoning, thinking of ways to put together a deal...and this being Billy King, it's likely to involve multiple teams.

"The creative mind of GM Billy King is already working, constructing, as he did in the pursuit of Carmelo Anthony a year ago, possible three- and four-team trade scenarios to pitch when Smith is ready to talk," writes Mannix who says Kings he will most likely need to counter a Lakers offer that includes Andrew Bynum.

Mannix also says "Howard has told friends he would love the chance to play with Williams, a top-five point guard who would have no issue relinquishing the spotlight and allowing Howard to be the team's alpha dog." That's something he can't get in L.A. or Dallas.