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"Signals" and "Vibes" Are Leading Pundits To Predict D-Will To Dallas


Chad Ford in a chat Wednesday thinks there's little chance that Deron Williams is in a Nets uniform next season. Eddie Sefko, who covers the Mavericks, is pretty sure he will be in Dallas instead. There are "signals", reports Ford. More like "vibes", suggests Sefko.

Asked by "Billy" from Newark, "Does Deron Williams leave NJ this summer?", Ford offered the following, "Probably. The only scenario where he doesn't is if the Nets swing a deal for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline. At that point, I think Williams hangs around. If that doesn't happen, I think Williams will join Dwight Howard in Dallas next summer. Lots of signals pointing to this being the preferred outcome for both players."

Sefko thinks the Nets could wind up with both but considers it a "long shot" and tells "Pete", who asked Sefko if he agrees with Stephen A. Smith that D-Will is headed to Dallas, "I've gotten the same vibes everybody else has gotten about the Mavericks having the inside track to Williams. And it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they both ended up here." The Nets are in Dallas Tuesday. Oh joy.