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Ian, Jim Give Shoutout to NetsDaily


It started with a plea from "Everyone at NetsDaily" to Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel during "Ask the Announcers": please recognize the Loud and Proud contingent in Section 22. The plea was answered, with Eagle noting "what a good looking group" we are. In an outburst of (admittedly uncharacteristic) graciousness, we responded by tweet: "On behalf of all of us at NetsDaily, thanks to Ian and Jim for the shoutout...'a good looking group'."

Not long after, Eagle and Spanarkel read the tweet on air and offered this tribute to the website. "Let me just say this. We appreciate the tweet and we appreciate the website. What an important tool it is at least in my preparation," said Ian Eagle, to which Jim Spanarkel agreed. "A lot of educated basketball fans on the NetsDaily boards and they do such an outstanding job, day in and day out, updating information to keep Nets fans informed on the latest."

Same to you, fellas...and thanks.