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The Latest on Barclays Center

Barclays Center - February 20 (Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment)
Barclays Center - February 20 (Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment)

If Dwight Howard wants to take another look at Barclays Center --he drove by it last August, he'll find a lot going on. The Post's Rich Calder talked with the arena construction manager Bob Sanna and here's what he learned:

--Premium seats are now being installed in the arena’s lower bowl. The upper-bowl’s seating is already complete, along with the lower and upper concourses.

--The arena’s entrance to an abutting transit hub is also ready for game day tip-offs.

--National Grid earlier this month began powering the site, so it could be heated, allowing temperature-sensitive work like floor- and wall-tiling to begin.

--Next month, workers will begin work on the exterior’s most eye-grabbing feature -- a canopy with an oval window called the "Oculus" in its center.