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D-Will On His Way Out...Really?

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The pundits give Nets fans no rest. The day after Deron Williams caused the Garden to go quiet, and the day before Dwight Howard arrives in Newark, ESPN Boston writer Peter May says the Celtics should trade Rajon Rondo for Deron Williams because a "Nets official" says there's "'no chance' D-Will will stay with New Jersey."

Wait a minute. What Nets "official" or should we say what kind of a Nets "official"? In his original wording, May quoted, "a Nets official who spoke on condition of anonymity."

Not long after, May's piece was edited and the source described as "one person in the Nets organization who is not directly connected to negotiations with Williams offered his opinion on the star's intentions."

Who that? It's not Billy King or Bobby Marks. They are certainly "directly connected to negotiations". Could be a disgruntled ticket salesman, someone in Moscow whose words got lost in translation, an intern or for all we know, the janitor (no offense). Of course, says a "Nets official" we talked to, the story is accurate at its core. "He is right that there is no way he stays in New Jersey because he will actually be in Brooklyn next year."