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D-Will "Very Comfortable" With Nets; Looks Forward To D12 Wednesday

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Deron Williams told beat writers Monday night that even though the Nets are only 10-24 and hurting, he is "very comfortable" with the team and understands things take time.

"I’m very comfortable right now," Williams said of the Nets plan. "There’s not much I can really do but just play basketball. That’s what I said I was going to do, from the beginning of the season — play basketball, let everything work itself out.

"We still need to get some guys in here if we’re going to be a better team. There’s no doubt about that. We’re 10-24 right now. So we have to get some better players. But I think everything will work out. … It takes some time to put it together," Williams added.

As for Wednesday's game with the Magic and Dwight Howard, D-Will said he's looking forward to fan reaction. Meanwhile, Fred Kerber reports that at least for now, the Nets have decided to pass on Renaldo Balkman. Interest is "lukewarm" and the Nets may just want to keep a roster spot open till the trade deadline.