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Is Armor's Jeff Foote NBA's Next Ivy Leaguer Following You-Know-Who?

Milton Lee and Bob MacKinnon, the Nets brain trust in Springfield, are two of Jeff Foote's biggest fans. They both think the seven-foot 24-year-old out of Cornell has NBA potential, with Lee telling NetsDaily "he could make our team next season." MacKinnon goes even further, saying, "I think you're looking at a guy who could have a 10-to-12 year NBA career."

Foote of course would be the second Ivy Leaguer to make the NBA in the last decade following you-know-who. He and Lin were All-Ivy League in 2010 and Foote isn't afraid to tell you he thinks his Cornell teammate Louis Dale was better. But as Yale coach James Jones tells the Star-Ledger, most Ivy League types thought Foote was a better prospect.

As MacKinnon tells NetsDaily, "He's young to the game. Just daily, daily he's getting better. He works at it. If you tell him something, it happens and he just keeps coming and coming. He's a seven foot guy who can run the court, who has great hands and good foot work."