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S-Jax, D-Will, D12 Brooklyn Bound?

Stefan Bondy talked to both Stephen Jackson and Deron Williams Sunday night and the two formed a mutual admiration society, minus only Dwight Howard.

"(Howard and Williams) is a championship contending team right there," Jackson said. "Of course I’d want to play on that team."

What team? The Brooklyn team. "I’m from the other side of Texas (far from Dallas). I don’t want to play there." Jackson, who has $10.1 million on his contract next season, even joked with Nets ballboys about whether they had his uniform ready.

D-Will was no less enthused about S-Jax. "I like his game. He’s very versatile. He’s the type of guy that’s 6-8, and he’s guarding the point guard. He has a lot of toughness."

In later tweets, Bondy guessed that "only way Jackson fits on a team w/ Deron and Dwight is if he's amnestied and picked up for much less than his salary next season of 10 mill." But last month, John Hollinger was able to work out separate trade proposals for both Jackson and Howard.

Said D-Will: 'We’ll see going forward. I’m sure it’s a possibility at some point'.”