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Hollinger: "Quality" SF Could Bring "Linsanity"-Like Success to Nets

In analyzing Linsanity for ESPN Insider, John Hollinger writes that the Knicks recent success is a result of New York replacing bad players at their worst position, their low performing point guards, with a "quality replacement": Jeremy Lin in place of Toney Douglas, Mike Bibby and Iman Shumpert.

And he offers if the Nets did that at small forward, their fortunes might improve dramatically as well. That's because no team in the NBA is as bad (or as he writes BAD, for Below Average Dependency) at any position as the Nets are at small forward. They're significantly worse at SF than the Knicks were at PG before the "arrival" of Lin, for example.

"For the likes of Minnesota (also small forward), New Jersey, the Lakers (point guard) and Orlando (point guard), their heavy use of under-performing players comes with the opportunity for a micro-version of Linsanity that can catapult them significantly forward," he concludes.