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Game 32 - Nets @ Bulls - Saturday, February 18, 4:00 p.m.

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One game short of the season mid-point, Brook Lopez is likely to play his first game. That in itself is reason to be excited about Saturday's matinee vs. the Bulls. Of course, it's also another opportunity for the Nets to end their eight-game losing streak. It won't be easy.

Derrick Rose, who wasn't supposed to play the last time the two teams met but did, may or may not play Saturday. He's been out for four games with a bad back, but Tom Thibodeau says he'll have to get medical clearance and be pain free. "Each day he has gotten better, he’s done more. We’re just going step by step," said Thibodeau.

For the Nets, they'll have 12 players for the first time since January 29. Damian James is out for the season. Mehmet Okur is out till after the All-Star Game and Shawne Williams is game to game. Also, Saturday is the first the Nets' second back-to-back-back. They'll play the Bucks on Sunday at home and the Knicks at the Garden.