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Polinsky: We're Looking for Maturity

(Dmitry Beliakov)
(Dmitry Beliakov)

In an interview earlier this week with a Birmingham, AL, radio station, Gregg Polinsky, the Nets top scout, said the team is putting a much higher priority on maturity in their scouting for the Draft. Polinsky, who works out of Alabama, noted that MarShon Brooks is a good example of what to expect in the future.

"We've gone to more of a mature, substance vs. style, on guys. The kid we got this year, Marshon Brooks, yeah he's been hurt lately but he has exceeded our expectations," said Polinsky. "Guys who spent time in school --you're not going to pass up any player with potential-- but there's no question that acclimating off the court; being able to digest things that are going on around you; values, priorities, better order [helps]."

Polinsky noted maturity is not about age, citing the cases of Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson. "They were sophormores, but two kids who were pretty mature in their testing," he added. Polinsky was asked the question in the context of Linsanity, how so many teams missed out on Jeremy Lin.