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Woj: It's Nets vs. Mavericks for D12

Speaking with a Boston radio show Thursday, Adrian Wojnarowski said that if Dwight Howard reaches free agency, it's likely a competition between the Nets and Mavericks. Asked if Boston could mount a "full court press" to change D12's mind and consider the Celtics, here's what Woj said.

I think it's late in the game to do that. Boston has tried very hard to get into that mix to be a team he would consider. I think there are really two scenarios for him in free agency, one is going to Brooklyn with Deron Williams and the other is going to be Dallas. you see Mark Cuban telling everyone how great Shawn Marion is, he's all defensive team, why does't anybody appreciate Shawn Marion? Because he's trying to get his contract off so he'll have the cap space to sign both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. If they get rid of Shawn Marion, then Dallas is in the game for both those guys and then, they'll be right there with the Nets in getting both guys.