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What To Make Of D12 Comments

Brian Schmitz has long covered the Magic for the Orlando Sentinel. He has also long been an advocate of trading Dwight Howard now, if not yesterday. On Thursday, he writes about Howard's latest Sphinx-like comments.

After noting Howard's comments about wanting to be the "go-to guy", the "closer", in Orlando and about his desire to lead the Magic to a title, Schmitz writes, "Unusual for him to care this much if he wasn't thinking about staying, isn't it? When I asked him after everybody left whether anything had changed in his trade scenario, he didn't say no. 'Just have to be patient,' he said."

Schmitz admits he doesn't know what to make about it all, but of course, the Magic have long hoped they could persuade their big man to stay. Schmitz thinks Howard is still playing games with the Magic and treating them like "the NBA Developmental League for the Nets."