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Who's Likely to Get Call in Springfield

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

You'd think the Nets would have called up one of their own D-League all-stars when they needed a small forward this week. Instead they dipped into the league-wide pool of available swingmen. Why? One reason: the Armor's top four players --their three all-Stars and Dennis Horner-- play every position but small forward.

Still, the D-League's Kevin Schreitrum thinks that JamesOn Curry and Jerry Smith are among the 10 most likely D-League all-stars to be called up before season's end, with Jeff Foote not far behind. Schreitrum ranks Curry, just turned 26, as the fifth most likely call-up. "Curry's turned himself into the most well-balanced point guard in the NBA D-League. He trades flash for ball security, but he's still good for about 15 points and six assists per game."