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D-Will Doesn't Want To Talk Linsanity

Not everyone wants to talk about Jeremy LIn's heroics, a/k/a Linsanity. The guy who Lin did his first damage against is simply not interested.

"Why would we get excited about the Knicks? We're 8-21, I'm worried about us, not what Jeremy Lin's doing," Deron Williams said, adding "They're the Knicks. You got anything about tonight? Anything that's relevant with us?"

What's relevant Wednesday night is that Shawne Williams is out but that DeShawn Stevenson will play. Also very relevant, the next stretch of the season. "We have six games in eight days, so no we're not thinking about the All-Star break right now," Deron Williams said. That stretch also includes a back-to-back-to back, the team's second.