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One Month From Today...

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One month from Wednesday could be the most important date in recent Nets history. It's the trade deadline and if Dwight Howard is a Net, two years of the Melo Drama and Dwightmare will have been worth it. If not...maybe we don't want to think about those consequences.

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel takes a look at things from a Magic perspective, offering much of what is already known about the situation. But he also notes a few things that aren't in the Magic favor. Robbins says that with all the talk of Howard leaving $30 million on the table (something no professional athlete has ever done), Howard may actually prefer a four year deal and could even ask for a player option in that fourth year.

He also writes that as the days fall away, teams not on Howard's list will have less time to convince the all-Star center to join them long-term. Bottom line, though, remains the same: no movement is expected until March 1, when the 130 free agents signed this year join the trade pool, and the Magic are still hoping to persuade Howard to stay in Orlando.