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Nets Injuries Worst In A Decade

The Nets string of injuries isn't just bad. Like their defense, it's historically bad.

Fred Kerber writes that with Keith Bogans now down for the season (and likely cut to make room for Andre Emmett), "this season has seen the most stunning run of ill health fortune the Nets have experienced since the disastrous 2000-01 season – the first year of the Rod Thorn-Byron Scott regime when 345 manpower games were lost to injury, forcing the Nets to turn to such immortals as Vlad Stepania and Jamel Thomas."

Brook Lopez is likely to miss half the season. Damion James will miss 59 games out of 66, Bogans 39. Marshon Brooks and DeShawn Stevenson have missed 10 out of the first 29 games. Mehmet Okur has been out 12 and counting. All that has led, Kerber notes, to "14 different starting lineups (five different small forwards, two power forwards, three centers, five off guards, two point guards)."