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Power Rankings - Don't Look Now

After getting close to No. 20 the last couple of weeks, the Nets' five game losing streak sent them streaking south this week, with most of the power rankers putting them at No. 27 or 28. John Schuhmann's tweet about the Nets' historic ineptitude on defense became part of his --and Marc Stein's-- comments.

Only Chris Sheridan, of all people, has kind words for the Nets ... then adds a cut. "Drop five spots to 27th, but it’s a strong 27th," Sheridan writes. "Marshon Brooks has returned, and Deron Williams somehow made All-Star team over Brandon Jennings and Kyrie Irving. Did David Stern cast Monty Williams’ vote?" And this being Valentine's Day Eve, Tom Ziller looks at the romantic potential of the Nets. They're still No. 27.