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ESPN Tries Its Hand At D12 Trades

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Austin Link, writing for ESPN Insider, suggests that while the Magic are not going to get equal value for Dwight Howard they can get a good deal that will load up their roster with good young players and offers three scenarios involving the Bulls, Nets and Lakers (in a three team deal with the Rockets). Never mind that Chicago isn't on Howard's list.

In the Nets scenario, the Magic get Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks, Kris Humphries, Jordan Farmar, Mehmet Okur, and a first-round pick in return for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu. "That's a good amount of overall talent in return for Howard," writes Link, who notes the Nuggets and Jazz got similar talent for Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams..

"There is room for successful teams in the NBA that don't have an elite player, but instead have many good ones," he concludes. "If Orlando can get quality assets in return for Howard, its future doesn't have to be a disaster."