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Parking Plan? What Parking Plan?

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Opening Night is seven and a half months away, but Barclays Center management has yet to settle on a parking plan, the Post reports, leading to fears among local residents that "stacked parking" will be installed at the last minute, leading to massive delays in retrieving cars at the end of games and other events.

Residents have been demanding a transportation plan for months. There have been discussions about a prefab parking deck. Engineers say one could be set up in weeks, but there's no indication a deal has been closed. State approval mandates Bruce Ratner provide parking for 1,100 cars on-site. Ratner is building a $72 million Transit Connection in front of Barclays Center to will link nine subway lines and the LIRR to the arena. It's hoped a large number of fans will use mass transit to get to the game.

Meanwhile, a plan to ferry Nets fans from a park-and-ride in Staten Island to the arena has apparently been abandoned.