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Dwight Will Miss Orlando Love

A columnist for Orlando Sentinel quotes Magic owner Rich DeVos --and unveils a music video by local fans-- in an attempt to show that if Dwight Howard leaves the Magic, he'll be leaving the magic of love behind.

"The loyalty you develop in a community is always remembered," Mike Bianchi quotes DeVos as saying. "But if you leave, you don't pick it up in the next town. It's not an add-on because you lose what you had. Maybe you gain some new [love], but maybe you don't. Maybe the net (Net?) gain isn't as good as you think."

In the music video, a guitar-strumming musician and a sequin-loving local attorney known as "the Fat Guy" sing and dance with fans outside Amway Center.

The most memorable lines:"When we hear that you're leaving, we'll stop believing" and "Hey, Magic, let's fight now for Dwight." Bianchi concludes, "Dwight should remember that there's a reason the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. It's because of all the fertilizer."