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Game 29 - Nets vs. Spurs - Saturday, February 11, 8:00 p.m.

The Spurs are starting to roll. They've won the first two games of their Rodeo Tour, the annual road trip necessitated by the presence of a rodeo at the AT&T Arena in San Antonio. Tony Parker is leading the Spurs, averaging 28.4 points over the first five games in February, including games of 42 and 37. To make matters worse for the Nets, expect Manu Ginobili back Saturday.

"We are starting to play the way we want to play for longer periods of time," said Tim Duncan of the now 18-9 Spurs. "As long as we can continue to do that, we will be okay".

For the Nets, injuries and illnesses have finally caught up with them. The team hasn't had more than 10 players in uniform since January 29, seven games ago.They've tried a season record of 14 starting lineups and two players are likely out for the season. It's a downward spiral that shows no bottoming out.