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Nets Games Visible from Street?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

In an interview with the New York Observer, Bruce Ratner said that games at Barclays Center will be partially visible from the entrance plaza in from of the arena.

"It’s going to be the only court in the league where you can literally watch the game from the street outside," Ratner said. Previously, arena officials said the scoreboard will be visible from street level, but not the games. The court (or rink) will be 25' feet below street grade.

The below-grade aspect of Barclays will also permit arena managers to break up the flow of traffic as fans enter. When fans enter from ground level, depending on where they sit, they will be split between heading up or down to their seats.

"At a place like MSG, you have everybody heading up at the start of the game and then down at the end," said Ratner. "It creates a jam and it’s confusing. You’re forced to kind of follow the crowd just to know where you’re going."

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