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Broussard: Dwight Howard Needs To Demand A Trade To The Nets

ESPN's Chris Broussard writes Wednesday that it's time for Dwight Howard to stop worrying about public sentiment and force his way out of Orlando via a trade to the Nets.

Here are the key excerpts...

Virtually everyone knows Howard will not re-sign with Orlando next season. He wants Brooklyn/New Jersey, Dallas or Los Angeles, but mostly Brooklyn. Howard has the responsibility to walk into Orlando general manager Otis Smith's office as soon as possible and tell Smith he wants to be traded to the Nets before the March 15 trade deadline.


If left up to Howard's camp, the Magic would have been informed about Howard's clear desire to leave before the new year. His representatives want him to force his way out of Orlando now. But Howard has kept them at bay. He's refused to rescind his trade request, but he's also refused to upgrade it to a trade demand.

Broussard goes on to explain why New Jersey is a better fit than L.A. or Dallas, but also writes, "As good a fit as Howard would be in New Jersey, I like him even more in Chicago."