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Barclays Center "Brawny but Elegant" ... Food's Good, Too


The latest review of Barclays Center, by the prestigious Architectural Record, calls the arena exterior "brawny but elegant" and in concert with the surrounding area. But it takes issue with the monochromatic interior, calling it "gloomy" and wonders if the planned 16 towers east of the arena will "add to or detract from the streetscape of Brooklyn."

But critic Joann Gonchar thinks from a fan's perspective, the arena is a slam dunk.

The sightlines are excellent, even from the last row of seats, which are about 160 feet from the court's sidelines. The squeak of players' shoes on the glossy herringbone floor is audible almost everywhere in the seating bowl, which makes the game seem even closer.

Another critic, the New York Times food critic, raves about the Brooklyn fare inside "Its spaceship-shiny silver lobby." (Apparently, one critic's "gloom" is another's "spaceship.") Ligaya Mishan thinks she has found heaven in a Blue Marble - Juniors' confection combination.

It should be revolting, this concoction suspended somewhere between creamy and liquid, served in an imposing plastic cup with a bulbous top. It is divine. Old Brooklyn, new Brooklyn: this could be love.