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Jamie Foxx talks up Nets, Jay-Z on SNL

Jamie Foxx may or may not be a fan of the Brooklyn Nets, but he sure looked like Brett Yormark's best friend on Saturday Night Live. He wore a "Hello Brooklyn" t-shirt in one of the show's "bumper shots," wore a "Brooklyn B" sweatshirt when introducing musical guest Ne-Yo (one of whose dancers wore a Nets cap!) and opened his monologue with a discussion of how the Nets have made black cool.

I'm dressed all black. It's good to be black. Black is the new white. You know how I know black is in right now because the Nets moved to Brooklyn. How black is that? They got black jerseys, black court (well not really, although they thought about it) I mean how black is that? And Jay-Z is the owner, a rapper. How black is that? And Jay-Z only owns about this much of the team (holds fingers less than an inch apart) but he act as if he owns all of New York. How black is THAT?

Foxx also appeared in SNL promos all week wearing "Hello Brooklyn" gear.