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Hello Brooklyn! Warriors impressed with Barclays Center, especially a Bishop Loughlin grad

A happy homecoming for Brooklyn's Mark Jackson who is stunned by the Nets have done with Barclays Center

Jason Szenes

Stephen Curry said something after the game that got lost in the coverage of the Nets loss ... how much the win meant to Brooklyn native Mark Jackson, Brooklyn native and former YES analyst.

"He talked about it as being a dream of his and we just wanted to come out with effort to make that happen for him," Curry said. "You could see he had so much passion after the game. You could tell how much this meant to him."

Jackson admitted to being blown away by the experience of seeing his old neighborhood transformed by the arena.

"It hit me when we were a couple of blocks away, there was a McDonald’s we would go to after our high school games," Jackson said, about his days at Bishop Loughlin. "You couldn’t imagine this building being here, growing up as a kid. They’ve done a spectacular job. Awfully impressive. Wow."

Curry himself was impressed. "The borough has really surrounded around the new identity of the team and it definitely showed tonight; they have a serious homecourt advantage here."

And for one former Net, who spent his career at Continental Airlines Arena, it was something of a bittersweet experience. He was signed in 2004 to a six year deal that he thought could make him the face of Brooklyn when they moved. A lot of things intervened for Richard Jefferson.

"I’m happy for the organization and for the city," Jefferson said. "It’s something. They made a concerted effort to create a centerpiece for the area and the city. Brooklyn will embrace it."