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Sometimes, It's best not to show up: Bojan Bogdanovic held to six points in Euroleague


Panathinaikos, the Greek powerhouse, has always had a great reputation in Europe for its defense. It proved it once again Friday night when they beat Fenerbahce, 69-55, in Athens and held Bojan Bogdanovic to six points on 2-for-11 shooting, including an 0-for-4 from three. For Bogdanovic, who's been averaging 50/40/80 shooting this season, it was his worst game of the year. His fellow Euro-Net, Ilkan Karaman, came off the bench but had a tough game as well, scoring just two points and grabbing three rebounds.

The loss sets up a critical game for Fenerbahce next week. They're 4-5 in the Euroleague and need a win to advance to the Round of 16, the league's next round. If they lose, all the money they spent over the summer will have been for nought.