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Brook Lopez's value more obvious as he misses games

The Nets have been without Brook Lopez for four games now and will be without him again Sunday vs. the Bucks. Although he is pain-free and participated in light workouts at Barclays Center, the Nets want to give him more time to heal the mild sprain in his right foot.

His value, as shown in this NBA Spotlight, is becoming increasingly evident. The Nets 1-3, with their only win over lowly Orlando. In the three losses, they have given up and average of 109.3 points a game. It helps to have a guy capable of five blocks down low.

It's not that Andray Blatche has done a bad job. Far from it. He's averaging 18.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg while shooting 53.7 percent overall (and 100 per cent from three!) as a starter. And the numbers are getting better as his 22 and 15 Friday night showed. Problem is the Nets need Blatche to score for the bench whose numbers have been woeful. Call it team ecology that's lacking.

As Avery Johnson says is the Spotlight video: "We need him to be dominant, just be a presence in the paint." That now extends to both ends of the court.