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John Hollinger: Brook Lopez worth the money, All-Star material


In two separate stories on ESPN Insider, John Hollinger offers praise for Brook Lopez who remains out for the Nets contest with the Warriors Friday.

In an article on first-time all-Stars, Hollinger features Lopez prominently.

Lopez seems notably more mobile, and has befuddled opponents with his combination of size, shooting ability and now-passable dexterity. Lopez averages a phenomenal 28.2 points per 40 minutes -- in fact, a territory normally reserved for the Kobes and Melos of the world -- and only a 29.6 minutes per game average is keeping his per-game numbers in check.

As a result, Hollinger has no problem with the Nets' four-year, $60 million contract signed this summer.

He's looking worthy of his max contract, and while a recent foot injury has caused some worry, we also should keep in mind he didn't miss a game in his first three pro seasons. If Lopez can maintain the mobility and shooting skill he has displayed in the early season, he'll be money well spent.

In a separate article on those who've proved not worthy of their contracts, Hollinger cites former Net Gerald Green.

Green was supposed to be an explosive sixth man for Indiana. Instead his season has been, as one scout put it, a lot of 2-for-7 nights. He's shooting 37 percent for the season with a single-digit PER, with the real shocker being his inability to get easy baskets.

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