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Want to propose on Barclays Big Board? It'll cost you $500

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets fan Jason went down on his knee at a recent Nets game to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Jason's reaction to the experience, "That was the best...I love Brooklyn!" We assume he feels the same about his intended!

It was the first marriage proposal during a Nets game, complete with video on the Daktonics scoreboard ... four screens totaling 1,728 square feet. It won't be the last. The Nets are offering the scoreboard to prospective husbands in return for a $500 donation to the Nets Foundation. Also, there are other requirements:

  • Requests must be sent in 48 hours prior to the game. For Saturday and Sunday games they should be received by 5:00 PM Thursday.
  • Please state the Date and the Opponent in the request.(Is it worse to propose during a Knicks game, where you might get booed and scare the prospective bride? Or worse, she could fake not hearing what you're asking! "I can't hear you. It's too loud" might be an interesting way of deflecting a proposal.)
  • Of course, the Nets cannot guarantee you'll get the girl. Things happen.

    It's part of the new Barclays Center message menu. A "Welcome," "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" message goes for a $75 donation to the Nets Foundation ... unless you're a season ticket-holder. Then you get a $25 discount.

    In related news, Kim Kardashian is refusing to give Kris Humphries his ring back. The 20-carat diamond ring cost Hump $750,000 (not the $2 million reported, but still a hefty sum.)

  • In-Arena Message Guidelines - Brooklyn Nets